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Welcome to the OctoBot guides, where you will find everything you need about OctoBot and its ecosystem.

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OctoBot cloud

For users of the investor plan of OctoBot cloud.

Any question about OctoBot cloud ? We created the OctoBot cloud guide to show :

  • How to start for free a strategy using OctoBot cloud & follow your profits
  • How to Understand OctoBot cloud strategies
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


For users of the open source OctoBot (opens in a new tab) and the pro plan of OctoBot cloud.

To start and use your OctoBot, please have a look at our OctoBot section.

In this guide, you will see how to:

  • Start your own OctoBot
  • Configure your OctoBot to execute the trading strategy you want
  • Test trading strategies using past data
  • Attach your OctoBot to Telegram to quickly access it from anywhere


For users of the open source OctoBot (opens in a new tab) and the pro plan of OctoBot cloud.

Are you wondering if you can use OctoBot with your current exchanges ?

OctoBot supports most leading exchanges. Have a look at the full list and account creation guides on our exchange guides.

OctoBot script

Are you familiar with TradingView Pine Script or charting ?

OctoBot script enables you to use the OctoBot framework to create, test and vialise trading strategies while keeping it as simple as a TradingView Pine Script.

Checkout the OctoBot script guides.

OctoBot developers

For developers and contributors to the open source OctoBot (opens in a new tab).

Feel like OctoBot is missing a feature or that you want to know more about how OctoBot works ?

Have a look at our developers guides to learn how to setup your own OctoBot development environment.

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