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Trading bot
Developer environment
Environment variables

OctoBot’s environment variables

Tentacles installation

ENV_TENTACLES_URL_TAG overrides the default OctoBot version tag for tentacles package installation. Some additional tags are available :

  • latest : to install the latest published tentacles (usually requires an up-to-date dev branch on OctoBot to work)
  • tests/XXX : for OctoBot-Tentacles-Manager tests

Web Interface

  • ENV_WEB_ADDRESS overrides the host IP address, can be set to to accept all incoming connections.
  • ENV_WEB_PORT overrides the default web port (5001).


  • DEFAULT_REQUEST_TIMEOUT: Exchanges requests timeout in milliseconds. Can be increased if your internet connection is very slow. Default value is 20000.
  • ENABLE_CCXT_VERBOSE: Set to True to log each ccxt exchange request. Default is False.
  • ENABLE_CCXT_RATE_LIMIT: Set to False to disable ccxt rate limit. This will make each exchange request to be instantly emitted. Be careful as this can lead to an IP ban if the exchange spamming rules are not respected. Default is True.