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Grid trading mode

Grid Trading Mode

The Grid Trading Mode (or GridTradingMode) is designed to profit from sideway markets by maintaining a grid-like set of buy and sell orders. Make small yet regular profits on each small market change with minimized risks using grid trading.

grid trading illustrated by a man stepping up on green stairs grabbing coins

The Grid Trading Mode is a simplified version of the Staggered Orders Trading Mode.

The Grid Trading Mode can

  • Use a default configuration
  • Be configured for each trading pair independently
  • Maintain a grid of buy and sell orders using a the configured spread and increment configured in flat values
  • Use a limited amount of funds
  • Use configured amount for each order
  • Automatically dispatch newly deposited funds
  • Include a delay when creating opposite orders when a buy or a sell is filled
  • Initialize the grid based on a custom price
  • Trade SPOT markets
  • Automatically optimize your portfolio holdings to create the perfect grid using the Optimize Initial Portfolio command
  • Pause orders mirroring using the Pause Orders Mirroring command