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Trading bot
Custom profile

Custom Profile

A custom profile allow to customize strategy and trading mode.

To create a custom profile :

  • Open an existing profile page
  • Click on duplicate button


Evaluator and trading configuration


user/profiles/profile_name/tentacles_config.json is a configuration file telling OctoBot which evaluators, strategies and trading modes to use. It is kept up to date after each Tentacle Manager usage (when new elements become available).

An example of user/profiles/profile_name/tentacles_config.json is available as default_tentacles_config.json on github.


Understanding configuration files

Enabled evaluators and trading modes are stored in configuration files. You will probably never need to touch them but here is how they work.

Example of tentacles_config.json:

  "RSIMomentumEvaluator": true,
  "DoubleMovingAverageTrendEvaluator": true,
  "BBMomentumEvaluator": true,
  "MACDMomentumEvaluator": true,
  "CandlePatternMomentumEvaluator": false,
  "ADXMomentumEvaluator": true,
  "InstantFluctuationsEvaluator": true,
  "RedditForumEvaluator": false,
  "GoogleTrendStatsEvaluator": true,
  "TempFullMixedStrategiesEvaluator": true,
  "InstantSocialReactionMixedStrategiesEvaluator": false
  • Here, the first part is about technical analysis evaluators: they are all activated except for the CandlePatternMomentumEvaluator. This means that any technical evaluator of these types (except CandlePatternMomentumEvaluator) will be used by OctoBot.
  • Second part contains only InstantFluctuationsEvaluator, OctoBot will then take real time market moves into account using InstantFluctuationsEvaluator only.
  • Third part is the social evaluation. Here OctoBot will look at Google stats using GoogleTrendStatsEvaluator. However, OctoBot will not look a reddit ("RedditForumEvaluator": false), therefore a Reddit interface configuration is not necessary.
  • Last part are the strategies to use. Here only one strategy out of two is to be used by OctoBot: TempFullMixedStrategiesEvaluator.

Details for the devs

Any setting also applies to subclasses of these evaluators. For example if you add an evaluator extending ADXMomentumEvaluator, "ADXMomentumEvaluator": true will tell OctoBot to use the most advanced ADXMomentumEvaluator available: if you evaluator extends ADXMomentumEvaluator, your evaluator will be considered more advanced than the basic ADXMomentumEvaluator and OctoBot will use it. See the developers customize your OctoBot to learn how to add elements to your OctoBot.

This is valid for any evaluator and strategy.

Please note that any evaluator or strategy that doesn’t extend an element in tentacles_config.json has to be added to this file otherwise will be ignored by OctoBot. When using the Tentacle Manager to install tentacles, this is done automatically.