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Trading bot
With Docker

Install OctoBot with Docker in video

For unix distribution only

Quick install

  • In a terminal, enter the command to install the necessary packages:
sudo apt install git build-essential ca-certificates curl gnupg lsb-release -y
  • Next, enter the command to install Docker:
curl -fsSL -o
sh ./
  • Then download the OctoBot docker-compose file:
curl -fs -o docker-compose.yml
  • Start OctoBot with the previously downloaded docker-compose file:
docker compose up -d
  • Don’t forget to run the following command at the end of the installation (and logout)
sudo usermod -aG docker $USER

Manual install

Using the stable image:

  1. Download OctoBot
docker pull drakkarsoftware/octobot:stable
  1. Start OctoBot (for linux x64/x86 and raspberry linux arm64/arm32)
docker run -itd --name OctoBot -p 80:5001 -v $(pwd)/user:/octobot/user -v $(pwd)/tentacles:/octobot/tentacles -v $(pwd)/logs:/octobot/logs drakkarsoftware/octobot:stable

Using the latest image (might be unstable):

  1. Download OctoBot latest
docker pull drakkarsoftware/octobot:latest
  1. Start OctoBot (for linux x64/x86 and raspberry linux arm64/arm32)
docker run -itd --name OctoBot -p 80:5001 -v $(pwd)/user:/octobot/user -v $(pwd)/tentacles:/octobot/tentacles -v $(pwd)/logs:/octobot/logs drakkarsoftware/octobot:latest

How to look at OctoBot logs ?

docker logs OctoBot -f

How to stop OctoBot ?

docker stop OctoBot

How to restart OctoBot ?

docker restart OctoBot

How to update OctoBot ?

docker pull drakkarsoftware/octobot:stable
docker stop OctoBot
docker rm OctoBot
docker run -itd --name OctoBot -p 80:5001 -v $(pwd)/user:/octobot/user -v $(pwd)/tentacles:/octobot/tentacles -v $(pwd)/logs:/octobot/logs drakkarsoftware/octobot:stable

Running with docker-compose

A simple way to run a docker image is to use docker-compose :

  • Install docker-compose

  • Download the docker-compose.yml file

  • Create a .env file in the current folder

  • Add HOST=YOUR_IP_ADDRESS in the newly created .env file. (where YOUR_IP_ADDRESS is the ip address of the computer, can be replaced by localhost if it’s a local computer)

  • Start OctoBot with docker-compose (with the previous file docker-compose.yml in the current folder):

    docker-compose up -d

You can now open the OctoBot web interface at https://YOUR_IP_ADDRESS.

Start multiple OctoBots with docker

To run a second OctoBot on the same computer :

  1. Create a new directory and enter it
  2. Start OctoBot’s web interface on a new port by changing “-p” option
docker run -itd --name OctoBot -p 8000:5001 -v $(pwd)/user:/octobot/user -v $(pwd)/tentacles:/octobot/tentacles -v $(pwd)/logs:/octobot/logs drakkarsoftware/octobot:stable

In this example, the second OctoBot’s web interface is accessible at

Any port can be used except those already used by another OctoBot or any software on your system.

Start OctoBot with docker managed files

Warning: It’s easier to use but it will not be possible to update it without deleting its files.

-v arguments can be removed from previous start commands but OctoBot’s local files will then be managed by docker (and not directly visible).

docker run -itd --name OctoBot -p 80:5001 drakkarsoftware/octobot:stable

Local OctoBot files path are located in /var/lib/docker and can be listed with the following command

docker inspect -f '{{ .Mounts }}' OctoBot

To copy files of a directory outside the OctoBot container, for example for logs files :

docker cp OctoBot:/octobot/logs/. .

Wherer “OctoBot” is your container name