Automated crypto investment
for institutionals

Optimize cash management or automate your own
investment strategies.

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Optimize your cash flow

Grow your cash flow with crypto with controlled risk and instant availability.

Strategies reduce the risk to a minimum.
Available at any moment, withdraw when you want.

Manage your client's crypto accounts

Track and rebalance your client's crypto portfolios.

Monitor the performance of your client's portfolios.
Automate the portfolio updates.

Start your own crypto investment platform

Thanks to our white label, you can create your own automated crypto investment platform based on OctoBot cloud.

Save time to focus on your brand.
A proven, ready-to-use solution.

Use OctoBot within your company

With our commercial license, you can deploy OctoBot in your infrastructure with our technical support.

Technical support for the deployment of OctoBot.
Control your data, it stays within your organisation.

Adapt OctoBot to your needs

OctoBot is flexible and can meet your specific needs.

Request the addition or improvement of a feature
Order the development of a tool

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