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Easily create, backtest and optimize
Algorithmic or TradingView trading strategies.

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Invest in your crypto with your strategies

  • Technical analysis & AI
  • Smart Dollar Cost Averaging & Grid trading
  • TradingView automation
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Your bot on the best exchanges

OctoBot is compatible with leading exchanges to automate your strategies on more than 12 exchanges.

Binance logo meaning Binance is supported by OctoBot
Binance US logo meaning Binance US is supported by OctoBot
BingX logo meaning BingX is supported by OctoBot
OKX logo meaning OKX is supported by OctoBot logo meaning is supported by OctoBot
MEXC logo meaning MEXC is supported by OctoBot
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Bybit logo meaning Bybit is supported by OctoBot
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HTX logo meaning HTX is supported by OctoBot
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Builtin trading strategy bases

OctoBot comes with many builtin strategies that you can use as-is or use as inspiration. Of course, you can also create your own from scratch. As OctoBot is open-source, you can even checkout the code to see how it works.

Technical & AI indicators

Use technical indicators such as RSI, MACD, Moving Averages, ADX or any other TA to configure your trading strategies. Integrate ChatGPT or a custom artificial intelligence predictions in your strategy.

ai trading illustrated by octobot head with chatgpt logo trading bitcoin ethereum litecoin usd logos

Smart DCA trading

Take advantage of highly optimized Dollar Cost Averaging strategies. Automate your entries and exits using as many orders as you want, optimize each order and profit from long or short term DCA.

dca trading illustrated by a man watering a plant growing money

Advanced grid trading

Profit from sideway markets using fine-tuned grid trading strategies on any trading pair and exchange with advanced configuration.

grid trading illustrated by a man stepping up on green stairs grabbing coins

TradingView strategies

Automate your TradingView strategies or indicator signals on any exchange to instantly create or cancel orders when your TradingView indicator or strategy sends an alert.

tradingview automation illustrated by tradingview logo

Used by more than 30000 users worldwide




GitHub stars

A word from the community


"I've been using [OctoBot with] these setting for a while now, tweaking them, the past year I'm at an overall profit of about 1000% (3K -> 30K), insane, 2021 was a great year!”

OctoBot user

Community member since 2022

An incredible journey

"I have been using Octobot for a couple of years now and it has been an incredible journey! Octobot is an trading-bot gem that has truly revolutionized my trading. The fact that it is built on trading-bot principles is really standing out as it means that the possibilities are endless.

I have had the pleasure of customizing Octobot to suit my specific needs, The OctoBot community is vibrant and supportive, connecting like-minded individuals with a passion for the project.”

Tim Hermans

Community member since 2021

Exceptional trading-bot crypto trading bot

"Octobot is an exceptional trading-bot crypto trading bot that excels in its performance. It seamlessly integrates with exchanges through our own trading-bot white-label exchange system HollaEx®, offering strategies for market markets, OTC dealers, liquidity providers, price discovery and of course profit!

Octobot is a valuable asset to the crypto ecosystem, and we are delighted to be partners.”


Adrian Pollard

Co-funder of


Very reactive

"I wanted something and devs bring it within few weeks (staggered). I like devs, which are active and working for cumunity ideas.”

OctoBot user

Senior community member

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