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Trading on CoinEx with OctoBot

trading on coinex with octobot

As mentioned on this CoinEx announcement, the OctoBot team is proud to announce CoinEx as latest OctoBot partner exchange.

Use your trading strategy on CoinEx

Starting from OctoBot 1.0.7, it is now possible to automate any OctoBot trading strategy on the CoinEx exchange when using the OctoBot trading bots.

You can now use OctoBot to trade on CoinEx:

  • Using risk-free paper trading and simulated money to test your strategy in live condition
  • With backtesting to quickly optimize your strategies performances
  • With your real funds on CoinEx to really profit from your strategy

The technicals

Starting from OctoBot 1.0.7, CoinEx SPOT trading is fully supported, as well as its websocket connection allowing to speed up market data updates.

CoinEx has also been integrated within OctoBot’s regularly tested exchanges. This means that the OctoBot team makes sure that the CoinEx connection remains stable and we (the OctoBot team) will do everything that is possible to maintain this state to offer you the best possible trading automation on CoinEx.

Final words

At OctoBot, we are trying to make trading strategies automation as accessible as possible to everyone. Following this philosophy, it’s important for us to enable automated trading on each exchange that is important to our users.

If you are trading on an exchange that is not currently supported, please create or upvote the post associated to your exchange on our feedback website.