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TradingView trading mode

TradingView Trading Mode

The TradingView Trading Mode (or TradingViewTradingMode) is designed to automate orders creation on exchanges based on TradingView signals.

tradingview automation illustrated by tradingview logo

Simply emit alerts from your TradingView indicators or strategies to trade on any exchange. Learn more on how to configure your OctoBot to trade using TradingView and the alert on syntax on the Automating trading from TradingView guide.

The TradingView Trading Mode guides cover using TradingView with OctoBot trading bots.
Please use the TradingView automated trading investor guide if you are automating TradingView strategies using a TradingView OctoBot from

The TradingView Trading Mode can

Configuring orders

  • Each TradingView signal contains the details of the order to be created.
  • Cancel previous orders can be enabled to only maintain one order per trading pair.
  • Each order amount can be configured using the order amounts syntax.
  • Each order price can be configured using the order price syntax.