With Docker

With Docker

For unix distribution only

Installing docker

Please follow the instructions here (opens in a new tab) for a debian computer.

For a raspberry installation please follow this guide (opens in a new tab).

Don't forget to run the following command at the end of the installation (and logout)

sudo usermod -aG docker $USER

so you don't have this permission denied error each time you use a docker command : permission denied while trying to connect to daemon socket.

Running OctoBot

Using the stable image:

  1. Download OctoBot
docker pull drakkarsoftware/octobot:stable
  1. Start OctoBot (for linux x64/x86 and raspberry linux arm64/arm32)
docker run -itd --name OctoBot -p 80:5001 -v $(pwd)/user:/octobot/user -v $(pwd)/tentacles:/octobot/tentacles -v $(pwd)/logs:/octobot/logs drakkarsoftware/octobot:stable

Using the latest image (might be unstable):

  1. Download OctoBot latest
docker pull drakkarsoftware/octobot:latest
  1. Start OctoBot (for linux x64/x86 and raspberry linux arm64/arm32)
docker run -itd --name OctoBot -p 80:5001 -v $(pwd)/user:/octobot/user -v $(pwd)/tentacles:/octobot/tentacles -v $(pwd)/logs:/octobot/logs drakkarsoftware/octobot:latest

How to look at OctoBot logs ?

docker logs OctoBot -f

How to stop OctoBot ?

docker stop OctoBot

How to restart OctoBot ?

docker restart OctoBot

How to update OctoBot ?

docker pull drakkarsoftware/octobot:stable
docker stop OctoBot
docker rm OctoBot
docker run -itd --name OctoBot -p 80:5001 -v $(pwd)/user:/octobot/user -v $(pwd)/tentacles:/octobot/tentacles -v $(pwd)/logs:/octobot/logs drakkarsoftware/octobot:stable

Running with docker-compose

A simple way to run a docker image is to use docker-compose :

  • Install docker-compose (opens in a new tab)

  • Download the docker-compose.yml file (opens in a new tab)

  • Create a .env file in the current folder

  • Add HOST=YOUR_IP_ADDRESS in the newly created .env file. (where YOUR_IP_ADDRESS is the ip address of the computer, can be replaced by localhost if it's a local computer)

  • Start OctoBot with docker-compose (with the previous file docker-compose.yml in the current folder):

    docker-compose up -d

You can now open the OctoBot web interface at https://YOUR_IP_ADDRESS.

Start multiple OctoBots with docker

To run a second OctoBot on the same computer :

  1. Create a new directory and enter it
  2. Start OctoBot's web interface on a new port by changing "-p" option
docker run -itd --name OctoBot -p 8000:5001 -v $(pwd)/user:/octobot/user -v $(pwd)/tentacles:/octobot/tentacles -v $(pwd)/logs:/octobot/logs drakkarsoftware/octobot:stable

In this example, the second OctoBot's web interface is accessible at (opens in a new tab).

Any port can be used except those already used by another OctoBot or any software on your system.

Start OctoBot with docker managed files

Warning: It's easier to use but it will not be possible to update it without deleting its files.

-v arguments can be removed from previous start commands but OctoBot's local files will then be managed by docker (and not directly visible).

docker run -itd --name OctoBot -p 80:5001 drakkarsoftware/octobot:stable

Local OctoBot files path are located in /var/lib/docker and can be listed with the following command

docker inspect -f '{{ .Mounts }}' OctoBot

To copy files of a directory outside the OctoBot container, for example for logs files :

docker cp OctoBot:/octobot/logs/. .

Wherer "OctoBot" is your container name

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