Starting as a developer

OctoBot developers

For developers and contributors to the open source OctoBot (opens in a new tab).

1 - Learn the basics of Python

Watching one hour of a beginner Python video course should be enough to get started.

2 - Setup your OctoBot developer environment

Once setup you'll love the OctoBot Developer environment.

3 - Learn how to create Tentacles

Octobot Tentacles are apps/extensions for OctoBot.

A tentacle can be what ever you want it to be. For example an Indicator, a Strategy, a new Feature for the web interface or for something else. All of these can be packed in one tentacle bundle.

Checkout out the OctoBot customization guide.

4 - Contribute to OctoBot

Have a look at our contribution guidelines (opens in a new tab).

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