Advanced usage
Tentacles manager

Tentacle Manager

OctBot is fully modular, so you can install any modules you want !

tentacles (opens in a new tab)

You can find the OctoBot-Tentacles (opens in a new tab) repository all default tentacles (modules) you can create to custom your own cryptocurrencies trader bot.

And all the default tentacles package from this repository will be installed automatically.

If you want to modify or disable some of them see the developers customize your OctoBot section.

Add new tentacles packages to your OctoBot

Using the web interface

tentacles_packages (opens in a new tab)

Got to the Tentacles tab on the navigation bar (in the advanced part), then go to INSTALL TENTACLES PACKAGES and register the address (local or url) of the wanted tentacles packages. This will automatically install the package in your OctoBot.

Install a specific tentacle

Please checkout the dedicated section on our developers guides.

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