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Invest with your strategy

Start a trading strategy

cloud strategy

Once you found the strategy you want to use with your real funds, you are ready to really profit from OctoBot cloud.

Getting started

  1. From the strategy you want to use, hit Start trading.
  2. Select Real trading. trading account type choice real or paper trading
  3. Select or enter your exchange account API key. Check out the Binance connection guide if you have any question. cloud strategy select exchange Note: OctoBot will make sure that you have enough funds on your exchange account to start the chosen strategy cloud strategy start
  4. Start your OctoBot to automate your investments with this strategy.

What will happen ?

1. Portfolio optimization

Your OctoBot might balance your USD-associated coins (such as USDT, USDC etc) in portfolio in order to create optimal conditions to start your strategy.


Let’s imagine a portfolio with 100 USDC and 100 USDT. Starting a strategy that is using USDT will make OctoBot sell your USDC for USDT in order to be able to trade it with the selected strategy.

This process only uses the USD-associated coins from your portfolio. If you want the strategy to ignore a part of your funds, just move those funds to a coin that is not USD-associated or traded by your strategy.

2. Strategy execution

Your OctoBot will now automatically apply the selected strategy to your exchange account by creating buy and sell orders on the traded cryptocurrencies.

As with paper trading OctoBots, you can follow your trading bot just as usual.

Please note that your funds always stay on your exchange account. OctoBot is just creating trading orders on your account but never accesses to your funds directly.
In order to add another security layer, it is recommended to use API keys without withdrawal permission.

Pro tip: You can keep testing other investment strategies risk free using paper trading, even when running a strategy with real funds.