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Having multiple OctoBots

Having multiple OctoBots

When using OctoBot cloud, you can have as many strategies or crypto baskets as you wish.

having multiple octobots on different strategies

While there is nothing mandatory, you can very well use one strategy at a time, it is usually better to use more than one investment strategies. On this point, investment automation is really profitable as it allows you to easily run many strategies simultaneously.

Benefits of running multiple OctoBots

On OctoBot cloud, running one or many trading strategies is always free. Therefore there is no real reason not to do it. If you think it can be profitable for you, then you are free to do it at no cost.

Running multiple OctoBots at the same time has many advantages, it allows you to:

  1. Diversify your investments by profiting from other type of strategies or basket themes, therefore lowering risks
  2. Trade on different exhanges at the same time, allowing to reduce the risk of exchange issues
  3. Trade different assets and therfore increase your chances of investing the next crypto gems while reducing risks associated to each traded coin

Overall, using multiple OctoBot is very similar to the popular saying of “not putting all your eggs in the same basket”.

How to run multiple OctoBots

When running a strategy or a crypto basket on, there is only one rule:

Only one strategy or crypto basket per exchange portfolio.

This means that you can run as many simultaneous strategies or baskets as you want, as long as they are running either on different exchanges or using different portfolio on the same exchange account.

Why are we enforcing this ?
Simply to avoid interference between strategies and let OctoBots operate on their full potential.

Using different exchanges

To use different OctoBots, you can just connect different exchanges to your OctoBot cloud account. You will then be able on run a strategy or a crypto basket on each exchange account.

You could for example run a high-risk, high-reward IA-based strategy on Binance and a low-risk, safe grid strategy on Kucoin. This also reduces the risks associated to holding your funds on a single exchange.

On the same exchange with subaccounts

You can also run multiple strategies on the same exchange account by using subaccounts. With subaccounts, you can quickly and easily split your funds between multiple portfolios within the same exchange, enabling you to use many strategies or crypto baskets on the same exchange account.

For example, Binance allows you to have up to 10 subaccounts. You can then run up to 11 simultaneous strategies or baskets on your Binance account: one on your main account and 10 on your subaccounts.

Wondering how to create a Binance subaccount ? Binance subaccounts are now open to everyone, checkout this guide.