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Fine tune your OctoBot

Fine tune your OctoBots

Using the Pro plan of OctoBot cloud, you can change the way any of your OctoBots are trading:

  • Cancel any strategy open order
  • Replace orders by your own
  • Add you own orders to any strategy

Make your OctoBots trade your way

Easily change the way your OctoBots are buying or selling crypto.

cancel orders directly from your OctoBot

Directly from any of your OctoBot, whether it is following an OctoBot cloud strategy, your TradingView strategy on your exchange account or with paper trading you can:

  • Cancel any open order
  • Replace existing orders by your own

Trade directly from your OctoBots

Buy and sell crypto from your exchange or paper trading account directly from your OctoBot

buy and sell crypto directly from your OctoBot

With the Pro plan, you can from any OctoBot:

Rebalance your portfolio

Adapt and rebalance your portfolio holdings at anytime using market or limit orders from your OctoBot.

buy and sell from your OctoBot portfolio

Simply realize your profits, cut your losses or buy the assets you want to invest in.

Pro tip: you can also prevent your OctoBot from trading with a part of your funds by buying assets that are not traded within your select OctoBot cloud strategy.

Follow your OctoBots’ activity

Each of your OctoBot activities are stored in a clear history of trades, automations and cancel commands that happened with your Octobot.

buy and sell crypto octobot activity history