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Follow your profits

Follow your profits

Your exchange accounts

OctoBot cloud allows you to track the holdings of your portfolios on each connected exchange and visualize the total historical value of your cryptocurrencies.

octobot multi exchange dashboard with historical portfolio value holdings pie chart and running bots

Thanks to your OctoBot cloud dashboard, you can easily:

  • View all your exchange account portfolios and follow their growth
  • Follow all your OctoBots activities

Your OctoBots

Once you started an OctoBot to run a strategy (with a paper trader using simulated funds or real trading OctoBot) you can follow it from the way you prefer.

Fom OctoBot cloud

The OctoBot cloud website, on OctoBot cloud bots

Fom OctoBot mobile app

The OctoBot mobile app is available on Google play.

Fom OctoBot web app

The OctoBot web app is available on

You can install the web application in your iPhone

Bot details

OctoBot cloud bot details

Each OctoBot has a detailed view where you can see is current activity, portfolio and historical profits.