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Connecting to Kucoin

Connecting your Kucoin account to OctoBot cloud

To automate the investment strategies of your choice on your Kucoin account, it is necessary to allow OctoBot to access a part of your account.

This is done using API Keys. API Keys are a standard authentication system that is often used to connect software together.

If you are wondering what an API Key is and why OctoBot is using it, checkout our introduction to exchanges API Keys.

Connecting to your Kucoin account with API Keys

Here are the 5 simple steps to connect to your Kucoin account with OctoBot cloud and automate your investment strategies.

1. Log in to your Kucoin account

Go to and log in to your account (or create an account).

kucoin account login

2. Go to API Management

Display your account dashboard by clicking on your account and select “API Management”. account setting api management

3. Create a new API Key

Hit “Create API”, select “API-Based Trading”, name it as you wish and give it a passphrase. The name is just for you to remember the purpose of this key. The passphrase will have to be entered alongside your API key details on OctoBot cloud.

Remember to check the “Spot Trading” API Restriction

apis list create new api

select api name passphrase and restrictions

Note: IP whitelisting is not yet available on OctoBot cloud. We are working on it.

4. Save your API Key

Now that your key is named, has a passphrase and the Spot Trading permission is selected, click “Next”

Proceed with the security verification to create the API Key.

create api security verification

Your API Key is now created. Do not close this window as long as your are not done entering it on OctoBot cloud.

kucoin api key created

5. Add your API Key to your OctoBot cloud account

You now have your API key details !

All you need to do is to copy and paste the values of Key, Secret (step 4) and the passphrase (step 3) into your Kucoin account configuration on OctoBot cloud. This can be done either when starting a trading strategy with a real account or from your profile on

Note: When adding an API Key on OctoBot cloud, you can associate a name to it. As for the naming on Kucoin side, this is a free field where you can enter any name to quickly identify this API Key in the future.

api creation completed selected values

add API Key to octobot cloud from strategy start

Adding an API Key when starting a strategy

add API Key to octobot cloud from profile

Adding an API Key directly from your profile

Your Kucoin account can now be used on OctoBot cloud !


Incorrect API Keys

If you get the Incorrect API Keys error, this usually means that:

  • There was an error when copy-pasting your API Key, Secret Key or passphrase from Kucoin to OctoBot cloud
  • You enabled IP whitelisting
  • You might have selected the wrong exchange (make sure to select Kucoin)

Incorrect API restrictions: missing spot trading

If you get the Incorrect API restrictions: missing spot trading error, you need to check “Spot Trading” as explained on step 3.

Incorrect API restrictions: withdrawals enabled

If you get the Incorrect API restrictions: withdrawals enabled error, you need to uncheck “Transfer”. You can do this following the same path as on step 3.

Other questions

If you have any other question of if something is unclear, feel free to reach out to the support using the chatbox on the bottom right of the screen on