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Robot de trading
Trader depuis un indicateur

Automatiser le trading d’un indicateur TradingView

La traduction française de cette page est en cours.

With OctoBot, you can listen to TradingView indicator signals to automate your trades.

Créer une alerte d’indicateur

  • Go to the right menu and click on the alert button


  • Create a new alert with


  • Choose the condition : an indicator cross, a price drop, whatever you want

  • Add your OctoBot webhook as the following screenshot.


    You can find OctoBot’s webhook on your OctoBot’s configuration page or in OctoBot’s starting logs. It should be an url like or

    WARNING: To improve performances, webhooks are started only when required, this means that you need to activate a webhook related tentacle to get the webhook url (a tentacle such as the trading view signals trading mode)

    webhook and tradingview config

    webhook log

  • Set the alert message

Format de l’alerte

Learn more about how to create your TradingView alerts on the TradingView alert format guide.

Configuration de TradingView

Wondering how to make your OctoBot listen to TradingView signals ? Checkout our TradingView integration guide.