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Robot de trading
Avec PIP

Installer OctoBot avec Python index package (pip)

La traduction française de cette page est en cours.



In a command line (with python in your PATH) type the following command:

python3.10 -m pip install OctoBot

You can change python3.10 to the name of the python binary you added to your PATH (for example on linux you may use python3 or even python if the python —version commands outputs a python 3.10 version)



Lancer plusieurs OctoBots

To run a second OctoBot on the same computer :

  1. Create a new directory and enter it

  2. Start OctoBot and stop it after 1-2min to let it create default files

  3. Open user/config.json file

  4. Change web config lines


    "web": {
        "auto-open-in-web-browser": true


    "web": {
        "auto-open-in-web-browser": true,
        "port": 8000

    In this example, the second OctoBot’s web interface is accessible at

    Any port can be used except those already used by another OctoBot or any software on your system.

  5. Start the new OctoBot