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Trader depuis une stratégie

Automatiser vos stratégies Pine Script de TradingView

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With OctoBot, you can listen to TradingView Pine Script strategies signals to automate your trades.

Créer une alerte de strategie

To send alerts from a strategy, use the alert_message parameter from Pine Script strategy functions which can generate order.

  1. Define the content of your alert before any strategy.entry, strategy.exit or strategy.close call:
    • example: messageBuy = "EXCHANGE=binance\nSYMBOL=SOLUSDT\nVOLUME=100a%\nSIGNAL=BUY"

    Note: when defining your alert, don’t forget to add \n at the end of each value. This simulates a return to the next line to comply with to the Octobot alert format.

  2. In the strategy section, add alert_message = messageBuy to your strategy entry, exit or close calls:
    • example: strategy.entry("Buy", strategy.long, comment = "Buy Signal Triggered", alert_message = messageBuy)
  3. When creating a new alert (right-click on the strategy / add new alert) make sure that you:
    • Select the name of your strategy as the condition
    • Name the alert (the name can be whatever you want)
    • Replace ALL the message content with exactly {{strategy.order.alert_message}} adding a TradingView strategy alert
  • Et voilà ! This alert will automatically notify your OctoBot each time your strategy executes entry, exit or close calls.


  • For multi-coin, simply edit the strategy and modify the SYMBOL entry in the messageBuy definition. You can thus vary the parameters according to the assets.
  • It can be easier to define multiple messages such as messageBuy, messageBuyWithATakeProfit, messageSellor even messageCancel and use the appropriate message later on (with the alert_message parameter) when calling entry, exit or close.

Special thanks to @KidCharlemagne for creating the basis of this guide !

Format de l’alerte

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Configuration de TradingView

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