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Robot de trading
Avec Python et Git

Installer OctoBot avec Python and Git

La traduction française de cette page est en cours.


  • Packages installed : Python3.10.X, Python3.10.X-dev, Python3.10.X-pip, git


First, make sure you have python3.10 and python3.10-dev and python3.10-pip installed on your computer.

Avec la version stable actuelle (branche master)

This is the recommended python installation.

Clone the OctoBot repository

git clone

Install python packages :

cd OctoBot
python3 -m pip install -Ur requirements.txt

On some setup like 32-bit ARM architectures, you might get a rust related error while running python3 -m pip install -Ur requirements.txt when installing cryptography. If this happens, you need to install the rust compiler: cryptography is coded in rust.

sudo apt-get install -y rustc

You can then restart python3 -m pip install -Ur requirements.txt.

Avec la version la plus récente (branche dev)

This is installation allows to use the most up-to-date version of OctoBot but might broken depending on the moment it is being done (modules updates might be in progress in this branch).

Clone the OctoBot repository using the dev branch

git clone -b dev

Or if you already have an OctoBot repository

git checkout dev
git pull

Installer les dernières tentacles :

Warning: using the latest tentacles might break your OctoBot

Sur Unix

cd OctoBot
python3 -m pip install -Ur requirements.txt
export TENTACLES_URL_TAG="latest"
python3 tentacles --install --all

Sur Windows

cd OctoBot
python3 -m pip install -Ur requirements.txt
python3 tentacles --install --all


The following command replaces OctoBot Launcher:



There python3 is refering to your Python3.10.X installation, just adapt the commands to match your setup if any different (might be python, python3, python3.10, etc: it depends on your environment).

Lancer OctoBot en tâche de fond

For unix distribution only

With the Linux screen command, you can push running terminal applications to the background and pull them forward when you want to see them.

sudo apt-get install -y screen
screen python3

You need the number from the start of the window name to reattach it. If you forget it, you can always use the -ls (list) option, as shown below, to get a list of the detached windows:

screen -ls
screen -r 23167

(23167 is an example value)

OctoBot has been working away in the background is now brought back to your terminal window as if it had never left.