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New OctoBot cloud plans and trading bots

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2024 will be a big year for OctoBot !

In 2023, we announced the launch of the new Octobot cloud where we presented our approach around trading strategies and our will to split OctoBot in 2 worlds:

Where it is easy to automate crypto investment strategies. This offer is dedicated to users who don’t want to create their own trading strategies or are looking for diversification in their own trading systems. We are expanding these offers to include more options and bring you more value when using OctoBot cloud strategies. It is what is presented on

Investor plans changes

We have been thinking a lot about how to add more value to the ready-made trading strategies offers of OctoBot cloud. Our goal is to keep those as simple and accessible as possible to appeal to crypto investors who don’t want to create their own strategy but still want to profit from great investment strategies.

Of course, the current Investor plan remains free and still allows using many OctoBot cloud strategies with real exchange funds as well as vitrual funds.

We are now adding 2 other related plans that build on top of the Investor plan.

The Investor Plus plan

The Investor Plus plan is great to profit from the full OctoBot cloud at an affordable price.

It allows using each and every OctoBot strategy, whether it is based on crypto basket, AI, DCA or Grid investments.

It also enables to use up to 10 simultaneous real trading or risk-free vitrual money OctoBots

Take a look at our Investor Plus dedicated article to know more about this plan’s details.

The Pro plan

The Pro plan is designed for users to want to accurately fine-tune their strategies or even automate their strategies.

It includes all the Investor Plus plan benefits.

The Pro plan grants access to TradingView OctoBots. TradingView OctoBots make it easy to build and automate any type of strategy directly from TradingView on any exchange using real or vitrual funds.

It also enables you to fine-tune your running OctoBots by offering to easily:

  • Cancel or replace any OctoBot orders
  • Manually create buy and sell orders whenever you want, on the cryptocurrencies you want

Learn more on the Pro plan on our dedicated article.

Final words

We have been thinking about many ways to offer paid plans, and we believe those new plans are great as they leave OctoBot very accessible:

  • You can keep using OctoBot cloud strategies free in an unlimited way as you might be already doing when using the Investor plan
  • The free open source version of OctoBot will benefit from OctoBot cloud plans subscription revenues, enabling it to keep growing while remaining free

And on the other hand, if you are looking for additionnal features to simplify and easily monitor your trading, create advanced trading strategies or get personalized support from the OctoBot team, it is now all possible.

We hope you will like the new OctoBot cloud plans. We are looking forward to receiving your feedback on those !