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Introducing the Investor Plus plan

octobot investor plus plan announcement with TradingView automations

After months of brainstorming, trial and errors including good and bad ideas, our new plan is finally here.

We are very pleased to announce the release of the Investor Plus subscription plan on OctoBot cloud !

What is Investor Plus ?

Investor Plus is OctoBot cloud’s first account-wide subscription plan. It will improve your whole OctoBot cloud account.

By choosing the Investor Plus plan, you will gain immediate access to:

  • Every Crypto basket
  • Every AI, smart DCA and Grid strategy
  • Up to 10 simultaneous OctoBots
  • Bespoke email news recaps (coming soon)

Crypto Baskets

Crypto baskets are a simple and efficient way to invest in multiple cryptocurrencies. There are many crypto baskets enabling you to:

  • Instantly get a diversified investment in the crypto market by automatically investing in the best cryptocurrencies
  • Invest in multiple cryptocurrencies following a specific theme in which you believe, such as artificial intelligence, decentralized finance, gaming and many more.

Using a crypto basket means you don’t have to manually choose each cryptocurrency to buy. You can invest in a theme that interests you and as a result diversify your investment to reduce risks.

AI, Smart DCA and Grid strategies

OctoBot comes with many preconfigured strategies. Some of them are available for free and other require the Investor Plus plan. Here is an overview of the different strategies available on OctoBot.

AI strategies

Artificial intelligence is one of the topics OctoBot focuses a lot on, and it also comes with investment strategies.

We have been experimenting with a lot with different AI systems to improve investment strategies, and we created with several AI-powered DCA-based strategies.

Those AI strategies have the advantage to combine the simplicity of DCA strategies and AI to increase profits. Take a look at our Trading using ChatGPT and ChatGPT strategy deep dive to learn more about AI strategies in OctoBot.

Smart DCA Strategies

Dollar Cost Averaging (or DCA) is a very well known investment strategy where you buy on a regular basis in order to profit from local price drops and gradually sell afterward.

What we call Smart DCA in OctoBot is a very simple yet powerful trading strategy, as it lowers the risk by spreading trades over different prices while taking profit on a regular basis.

DCA strategies can be used to invest on multiple crypto at the same time, therefore reducing risk by diversifying investments and taking advantage of coins volatility.

Learn more about DCA strategies in OctoBot on our Smart DCA blog article.

Grid Strategies

Grids are low risk trading strategies that generate small but constant profits as long as conditions are met.

grid trading illustrated by a man stepping up on green stairs grabbing coins

When using a Grid strategy, your OctoBot will split your portfolio into the two assets of the grid and place buy and sell orders around the current price at constant price intervals.

Then, when the price changes and an order is filled, an order of the opposite side is created. Once this order is then filled, profits are generated.

A Grid strategy is great to profit from markets that are stable within the price window of the grid: the more the price moves within this window, the more profits are earned.

More OctoBots

With the Investor Plus plan, you can use up to 10 simultaneous OctoBots on your account.

Those OctoBots can:

Free trial

Are you interested in trying Investor Plus ? We created a free trial for you to try it !

Final words

We hope you will love the new Investor Plus plan. We designed it to add flexibility to OctoBot cloud and make your crypto investments easier, and we are really excited to know your feedback about it !