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Introducing the Trader plan

octobot trading plan announcement with TradingView automations and advanced coins trading

Following the launch of the Investor Plus plan, we are very pleased to announce the launch of the new Trader plan.

What is in the Trader plan ?

The Trader plan gives you access to the full power of OctoBot cloud.

It naturally includes everything from the Investor and Investor Plus plans and also adds much more enabling you to directly change the way your OctoBot are trading while also granting access to the full range of TradingView OctoBots automations.

Fine tune your OctoBots

Using the Trader plan enables you to change the way any of your OctoBots buy and sell their crypto.

Trade directly from your OctoBots

Make your OctoBots buy or sell their crypto

buy and sell crypto directly from your OctoBot

With the Trader plan, you can from any OctoBot:

  • Easily trade directly on your exchange or risk free paper trading account
  • Create any kind of buy or sell orders at any time
  • Rebalance your portfolio
  • Exclude a part of your funds from your trading strategies

Make your OctoBots trade your way

You would prefer an OctoBot cloud strategy to buy or sell differently ?

cancel orders directly from your OctoBot

With the Trader plan, all your OctoBots can:

  • Cancel any OctoBot cloud or TradingView strategy order
  • Replace existing orders by your own

Follow your OctoBots’ activity

Profit from a clear history of trades, automations and cancel commands that happened with your Octobot.

buy and sell crypto octobot activity history

Learn more on OctoBot fine-tuning on the Investor guide.

Improved TradingView OctoBots

The Trader plans grants to access to all the TradingView Automations of OctoBot cloud.

Multiple order types

With the Trader plan, use automations to further optimize your entry and exit prices by leveraging limit orders using a fixed or relative price.

buy sol with 50 usdt at 10 percent discount octobot tradingview automation

Profit from orders fine tuning to easily check, cancel or replace any order created from your TradingView automations.

Advanced order amounts

Optimize single and multi-coin TradingView strategies by accuratly configuring your TradingView automation order amounts.

sell 1 avax at 120 usdt octobot tradingview automation

Configure your automation order amounts according to:

  • A percent of your portfolio funds
  • A given amount of the traded coin
  • A specific amount of USDT or any quote currency of your traded pair

Learn more on TradingView OctoBots advanced automations on the automations guide.

We will keep working on adding new types of automations to enable more options and increase possibilities. Please tell us if you need new types of automations and we will our best to integrate it !

Infinite paper trading OctoBots

While the Investor Plus plan gives you access to as many risk-free paper trading OctoBot as you want, the Trader plan totally disables paper trading OctoBots expiry.

This means that you don’t need to extend your paper trading OctoBots when on the Trader plan, they will just never stop unless you stop them yourself.