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Strategy Designer Revamp


A clear display of your backtesting runs

Based on your feedback, we have been working a lot making the Strategy Designer much easier to use and understand. The strategy designer is now split into 2 parts:

  1. The Strategy Viewer: where you can quickly analyze and compare trading strategies based on their performances
  2. The Strategy Creator: where you can easily create a new strategy in order to test it in backtesting.

The Strategy Designer is now our most advanced interface to create, test and compare strategies, we hope you will enjoy it.

The Strategy Viewer

Quickly view, analyze and compare how your strategies behave and are more or less profitable or risky through time. viewer Clearly identify key metrics of your strategy performances summary View each trade details trades

The Strategy Creator

  1. Select the markets to trade on as well as the starting portfolio of your OctoBot for this strategy. step1.1 step1.2

  2. Select the trading mode to use for your strategy. You can also change its configuration. step2

  3. Select the strategy and evaluators to use. You can also change their configuration. step3

  4. Configure the final touch: the type of exchange and backtesting time window. You can also give a name to your backtesting run to quickly identify it later on. step4

  5. Start your backtesting: if necessary, OctoBot will fetch the required historical data from your exchange and will then launch a backtesting using your strategy. Results of the backtesting run will be stored in your history and available for later views and comparisons.

From backtesting to live trading

Strategies created within the Strategy Designer remain in the Strategy Designer until converted into a live profile. They are independent and not affecting your live OctoBot. This means that you can test a Daily Trading strategy on the Strategy Designer that should be trading MATIC while having a live Dip Analyzer strategy that is trading BTC and ETH.

Once you are satisfied with your trading strategy created in the Strategy Designer, you can instantly convert it into a live OctoBot profile

convert to live profile

This profile will then be usable as any profile, which means that you can also share and edit it just the way you want.

How to get the Strategy Designer ?

The Strategy Designer is available to OctoBot trading bots.