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Invest in crypto easily with crypto baskets

In our goal to make cryptocurrency investment simple and accessible for everyone, we are very pleased to announce the release of crypto baskets.

What are crypto baskets?

A crypto basket is a collection of different cryptocurrencies grouped together based on a specific theme.

crypto baskets investment feature announcement

For example, you can find a basket composed of cryptocurrencies related to artificial intelligence, memes, NFTs, metaverse, and many more.

Why using a crypto basket?

Using a crypto basket means you don’t have to manually choose each cryptocurrency to buy. You can invest in a theme that interests you and as a result diversify your investment to reduce risks.

Crypto baskets also allow you to profit from all variations in cryptocurrencies. As soon as the price of a cryptocurrency in the basket increases, its share in your portfolio will increase and may exceed the percentage allocation of the basket. In this case, a portfolio rebalancing operation will be triggered. This operation will sell or buy cryptocurrencies to rebalance the portfolio.

Therefore, if a cryptocurrency in your basket has increased by 50%, during rebalancing you will cash in the profit and reinvest it automatically in other cryptocurrencies in the basket.

You even have the option to use multiple baskets to invest in different themes simultaneously. It can help you reduce risk even more and allow you to capitalize on market variations.

Can I test crypto baskets with virtual money first?

Yes, with OctoBot cloud, you can test any crypto basket for free with virtual money. Using virtual money allows you to understand how baskets work and to check their performance before switching to real money.

Who creates these crypto baskets?

Crypto baskets on OctoBot cloud are mainly created using Coingecko’s categories, a platform that ranks different cryptocurrencies and exchanges. We also use the market capitalization ranking provided by Coingecko to offer other types of baskets.

An example of a crypto basket with the top 3 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization

For example, we have baskets composed of the three largest market capitalizations. It allows you to invest in these three cryptocurrencies simultaneously and benefit from their price fluctuations.

You can explore some of our baskets on the crypto baskets page.

How are they updated?

Crypto baskets on OctoBot cloud are automatically updated regularly to follow market changes. The frequency may vary from one basket to another.

When your crypto portfolio deviates too much from the chosen basket’s distribution, OctoBot automatically rebalances it to maintain the same distribution as the basket.

How can I invest with a crypto basket?

With OctoBot cloud, you can invest for free (with a 14-day trial period) in any crypto basket by following these steps:

  1. Create an account or log in to your OctoBot cloud account and start a free trial of the Investor Plus plan
  2. Choose a crypto basket theme
  3. Select a virtual money or a real money account (to use real money, you’ll need to connect your exchange account)
  4. Launch your OctoBot to start investing

Can I create my own basket?

Yes, you can create your own basket with OctoBot cloud’s Trader plan. This plan allows you to customize an existing basket or create your very own basket with the distribution you want. Warning: if you use custom baskets, you won’t benefit from automatic updates of the basket you customized.

No more spending hours choosing the best cryptocurrencies. With crypto baskets, investing becomes simpler and more efficient.