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Introducing the Strategy Designer


Visualize exactly what happened

When creating a trading strategy, the hardest part is often to test the strategy in order to find the best configuration for the target market.

With the Strategy Designer, you will find many tools to experiment, analyse, compare and optimize your strategies and their configurations to their full potential.


Using the Strategy Designer, for any trading strategy, you can visualize each backtesting run:

  • Trades
  • Positions (when trading futures)
  • PNL
  • Portfolio value
  • Configuration
  • Other insightful metrics

Compare backtesting runs

Being able to see the exact behavior of your strategy through time in each backtest is good, comparing those values across backtesting results is better.


Each analysis tool can be used to compare run results.


Store results

When running the Strategy Designer backtesting, results are always stored. This way you can always come back to a previous setup and easily compare it with others.


More to come

This article is introducing the first version of the Strategy Designer. More exciting features will be added to the designer allowing you to be even more efficient when creating your best trading strategies.


How to get the Strategy Designer ?

The Strategy Designer is available to users using the OctoBot trading bots.