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The Power of Open Source Trading Software


Welcome to your guide to open source trading software. After going through this blog post, you’ll have a thorough understanding of open source trading platforms, with a specific focus on open source crypto trading bots. We’ll explore the main advantages they offer and how they use community feedback to optimize the trading experience.

Table of contents

Definition of terms

To fully understand the notion of open source trading software, it’s essential to know the individual terms: open source, trading, and crypto trading.

  • Open Source: Open source refers to something that is publicly accessible and can be modified or shared. In the context of software, it means the source code is freely available for users to inspect, modify, or enhance according to their needs. Most open source software are available on github.

  • Trading: Trading is a fundamental economic concept involving the buying and selling of goods and services, with compensation paid by a buyer to a seller, or the exchange of goods or services between parties.

  • Crypto Trading: This refers to the act of buying or selling a cryptocurrency via a trading exchange like Binance.

  • Trading Platform Open Source: This is a publicly accessible software where cryptocurrencies and other forms of assets are bought and sold. Since it is open source, users can modify it to suit their specific trading needs.

  • Open Source Crypto Trading Bot: This is a specific type of trading platform which is open source and that uses algorithms to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on behalf of the user, based on parameters set by the user.


Benefits of open source software

When it comes to trading software, going open source comes with several benefits for the user.

  • Flexibility: Open source software allows users to customize and modify the software to fit their specific needs.

  • Cost Efficiency: They are generally free, reducing the cost of trading operations.

  • Community Support: Open source software often has a supportive community that can provide assistance and share innovative ideas.

  • Transparency: Open source software allows users to scrutinize, audit and improve upon the code, promoting trust and security.

The open source community

Open source software thrives on community involvement. The collective experience of the community helps to:

  • Improve the software: Users can spot bugs, suggest improvements, and contribute to the development of the software.

  • Foster innovation: Different users bring diverse perspectives, leading to novel solutions and features. For example, OctoBot encourages users to share feedback on the software with a dedicated website.

  • Provide support: The community can offer assistance and share knowledge, making it easier for new users to navigate the software.

OctoBot: an open source trading software

A man relaxing in his couch while OctoBot is making money by automating cryptocurrency strategies

OctoBot is a top recommendation when it comes to open source crypto trading bots. The reasons are:

  • Customization: Each OctoBot strategy can be customized to create your own trading strategy. A step by step guide is available in our customization guide.

  • Community: OctoBot has a robust community that continually contributes to its development and offers support to new users. You can join it on Discord and Telegram.

  • Transparency: OctoBot’s open-source nature ensures transparency, allowing users to verify its security and fairness.

  • Diversity: OctoBot supports most major exchanges and each of their cryptocurrencies, find your exchange on the detailed exchanges list.


In essence, open source trading platforms, such as OctoBot, offer a cost-effective, flexible and transparent trading experience. Stay engaged with the community, keep your software updated, and embrace the journey of successful trading ahead.