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OctoBot 1.0.4 - What’s new

use octobot cloud strategies and trade on bingx

Introducing OctoBot 1.0.4

We are glad to announce the new release of OctoBot. 1.0.4 is a updated version adding the very anticipated download of OctoBot cloud strategies directly in your OctoBot, the addition of the BingX exchange to the OctoBot partner exchanges and many improvements.

Downloading OctoBot cloud strategies

Starting from OctoBot 1.0.4, you can now profit from OctoBot cloud strategies directly from your OctoBot trading bots.

download octobot cloud strategies in open source bot

Directly from your OctoBot, download OctoBot cloud strategies and:

BingX is now available on OctoBot

At OctoBot, we work on making trading as accessible as possible. This comes with the support of most major exchanges. Following this philosophy, we just added support for BingX. We hope that this addition will help many of our users.

Exchanges bugfixes

In OctoBot 1.0.4, fixed many exchange related issues, especially regarding futures trading and take profit / stop loss orders. Special thanks to Nes, Grr, Gerhard and Artem from our community who helped us a lot finding those issues.

Other improvements and bugfixes

In this release, we also added parameters to make the DCA and Daily trading mode more customizable and trade closer to your ideas.

Many bugs have been fixed as well, especially regarding the web interface currency selector update, exchange connection issues, Ngrok configuration and more.


We can’t wait to know what you think about this new version. Please use this feedback link to share your suggestions and what you’d like to see in our next release.