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New Design of the OctoBot Mobile App

Thank you to everyone who downloaded our mobile app in its experimental version. Your feedback has been very helpful.

That’s why we have completely redesigned the app to better meet your needs.

A new detailed view for each of your OctoBot

We have also created a new detailed view of your OctoBot. You will be able to precisely follow what your OctoBots are doing. You will have access to the performance history of your bots, the distribution of their portfolio, ongoing orders, and their latest actions.

This new view is available whether you are using an OctoBot from OctoBot cloud or have installed it yourself.

new detailed view for your bots

A new dashboard

As soon as you log in to the new version, you will discover a new dashboard. This dashboard shows the history of your actual portfolio, including all your exchange accounts. You will also get an overview of how your portfolio is currently distributed.

new dashboard of the OctoBot mobile app

To access this the multi exchange history view, make sure you have upgraded your account to the Investor Plus plan.

This new dashboard is designed so that you can monitor the performance of your crypto portfolios easily from your smartphone.

Also available on iPhone

With this new version of the application, we are also adding a web version of the app available at
It makes the OctoBot mobile app installable on iPhone directly from your browser to provide an experience similar to the Android application. This is the first step towards the iPhone version of the OctoBot app.

To install the app on iPhone it, follow those 4 steps:

  1. With your mobile, go to
  2. From your mobile web browser interface, click the share button
  3. Scroll down and click Add to Home Screen
  4. Click Add

🎉 The OctoBot app is now installed on your iPhone!


This is just the beginning. More improvements and new features will further enrich the mobile app.

We hope you enjoy this new version. If so, do not forget to leave us a review!