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Making OctoBot more accessible

octobot plans improvements

At OctoBot, our mission is to make crypto investment simpler. Therefore, we spend a lot of time trying to understand what is the most complicated when investing in Crypto.

One of the things we realized was that automated investment strategies (either investing in the whole market with crypto baskets or with simple algorithmic strategies) are very popular as long as they remain easily accessible.

The crypto world is already complicated to get into, if investors also need to pay to use their first automated strategies such as crypto baskets, OctoBot is not really making things more accessible. This is especially true if you need to figure out how much gains you need to make to justify a $14/m subscription.

We decided to change that.

Free automated strategies for every crypto investor

The free Investor plan now unlocks a set of both crypto basket and algorithmic strategies. This will enable crypto investors using any size of portfolio to directly profit from OctoBot investment strategies.

OctoBot strategy explorer with crypto baskets and dca strategies

Additionally to the existing strategies, we also added new moderated-risk strategies, all available with the Investor plan and specifically created for investors who want to profit from a reasonable risk level.

OctoBot moderated risk crypto baskets strategies

We also made the multi account historical dashboard available from the Investor plan, to make it easier for everyone to follow their accounts.

OctoBot multi exchange dashboard

Affordable advanced investment strategies

The Investor Plus plan now focuses on unlocking specific types of crypto baskets and investment strategies.

It also increases the amount of simultaneous OctoBots an account can use.

The goal with this new Investor Plus plan is to be relevant to crypto investors who want to invest using more advanced strategies while remaining very affordable.

As a result, the Investor Plus plan is now much cheaper and can also be bought as a lifetime plan.

Customized investment strategies

The Pro plan unlocks all the investor plus features and adds the possibility to configure your strategies

  • Trade with your own strategies using TradingView OctoBots: automate your trades based on TradingView alerts from the price directly, indicators or even Pine Script strategies.
  • Invest with your own custom crypto baskets
  • Fine tune all your OctoBots: using the Pro plan, you can easily interact with your running OctoBots to create, replace or cancel orders directly from your OctoBot.
  • Enjoy priority support from the OctoBot team

We also adapted the Pro plan price to be less impactful on your portfolio: the Pro plan is now $25/m.

Final words

We believe that this revamp of the OctoBot plans will greatly increase the accessibility of automated investment strategies for any crypto investor.

With those new plans, we want to make OctoBot cloud the best platform to easily invest in crypto using investment strategies.

We hope that you will enjoy those changes and want can’t wait to get your feedback on it.