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Introducing the Pro plan

octobot trading plan announcement with TradingView automations and advanced coins trading

Following the launch of the Investor Plus plan, we are very pleased to announce the launch of the new Pro plan.

What is in the Pro plan ?

The Pro plan gives you access to the full power of OctoBot cloud.

It naturally includes everything from the Investor and Investor Plus plan plans, which means :

  • Investing on all supported exchanges
  • Access to all preconfigured strategies and crypto baskets
  • Up to 10 real or paper trading OctoBots
  • Bespoke email news recaps (coming soon)

With the Pro plan, you also benefit from :

  • OctoBot fine-tuning to change the way your OctoBots are investing
  • Manually create orders from your OctoBots
  • TradingView strategies automation
  • Custom crypto baskets (coming soon)
  • Up to 20 real or paper trading OctoBots
  • Priority support

Fine tune your OctoBots

Using the Pro plan enables you to change the way any of your OctoBots buy and sell their crypto.

Manually create orders from your OctoBots

Make your OctoBots buy or sell their crypto

buy and sell crypto directly from your OctoBot

With the Pro plan, you can from any OctoBot:

  • Easily trade directly by yourself on your exchange or your risk-free paper trading account
  • Create any kind of buy or sell orders at any time
  • Rebalance your portfolio
  • Exclude a part of your funds from your trading strategies

Make your OctoBots trade your way

You would prefer an OctoBot cloud strategy to buy or sell differently ?

cancel orders directly from your OctoBot

With the Pro plan, all your OctoBots can:

  • Cancel any OctoBot cloud or TradingView strategy order
  • Replace existing orders by your own

Follow your OctoBots’ activity

Profit from a clear history of trades, automations and cancel commands that happened with your Octobot.

buy and sell crypto octobot activity history

Learn more on OctoBot fine-tuning on the Investor guide.

TradingView automation with OctoBots

What would be the best way for most crypto investors to create their investment strategies?

At OctoBot cloud, we spent a lot of time thinking about how to offer customizable strategies in the simplest way possible. While the preconfigured OctoBot cloud strategies are and will remain available for free, it’s important for us to enable crypto investors to invest with OctoBot cloud according to their own ideas.

When thinking about the different possibilities, we realized that what is important for crypto investors when creating an investment strategy is that it should be:

  • Clear and appealing: Using a graphical tool to create a strategy and not requiring any coding skill.
  • Adapting to the investor level of expertise: We want OctoBot cloud to enable the best strategies for you as an investor. It is important that OctoBot adapts to the knowledge of its users.
  • Simple to follow and monitor: It is necessary to always know what trades are open and what were the previous activities.

After testing a lot of possibilities, we realized that integrating TradingView is by far the best option as it is:

  • Very well known: most crypto investors know how to use TradingView and use it on a regular basis
  • All about visualizing: TradingView enables to visually analyse prices and use indicators and Pine Script strategies
  • Extendable : TradingView can be easily and securely connected to other services such as OctoBot cloud.

So we decided to integrate TradingView strategies into OctoBot cloud following those principles. You can now easily automate your own investment strategies using TradingView and OctoBot.

Create your strategy on TradingView

With TradingView, it is easy to create automated alerts based on either:

  • Price events, for example “BTC crosses $50 000”
  • Any technical indicator (free or paid), such as “RSI is higher than 80” or “the 9 days moving average just crossed the 21 days moving average”
  • Pine Script strategies, which are integrated TradingView strategies that can be optimized using backtesting and visually drawn directly on charts.

Let’s take an example with an Exponential Moving Averages (or EMA) based strategy. The concept is to buy and sell when the 9 and 21 candles EMA are crossing each other.

The TradingView strategy looks like this: it just takes 2 regular EMA indicators … TradingView ema strategy illustration with 2 buy and 2 sell

… with 2 alerts: a BUY and a SELL.

TradingView ema strategy configuration

This is 100% of the configuration of this TradingView Strategy. Pretty simple !
Learn more on how to automate TradingView alerts from price events, indicators or Pine Script strategies on our TradingView alerts automation guide.

The next step is to make the strategy create orders on real crypto exchanges to turn it into a fully functional automated investment strategy.

Automating trades from TradingView

To turn TradingView alerts into trades, we created a new system called Automations that goes in pair with TradingView OctoBots: an automation is an action such as creating or cancelling orders. Automations can be bound to TradingView alerts to easily automate every aspect of your TradingView strategy trades on exchanges.

Going back to the EMA strategy we just created on TradingView, here is what it looks like on the OctoBot side.

octobot TradingView trading side of ema strategy illustration with 2 buy and 2 sell

You might have noticed the automation identifiers in the Message section of the BUY and SELL alerts on TradingView, they are used to tell OctoBot which automation to trigger when the alert is received: 5a6e0e4d-4c8a-4212-881c-3174cd322002 is Buy BTC - 50% USDT and b1791518-b92c-4dc7-8dc1-4905bcaf3165 is Sell BTC - 100%.

octobot TradingView market buy btc automation

The main advantage of this approach is that it is very simple and powerful at the same time: you create your TradingView strategy and then just attach automations to your OctoBot.
Moreover, automations are easy to configure and unlimited: you can make a TradingView OctoBot with very simple buy and sell automations or use an advanced set of automations to invest with multiple coins and different settings if you want to.

Are you wondering how to use TradingView OctoBots ? Check out our TradingView trading tutorial.

Multiple order types

Automations allow you to further optimize your entry and exit prices by leveraging limit orders using a fixed or relative price.

buy sol with 50 usdt at 10 percent discount octobot tradingview automation

Profit from orders fine-tuning to easily check, cancel or replace any order created from your TradingView automations.

Advanced order amounts

Optimize single and multi-coin TradingView strategies by accurately configuring your TradingView automation order amounts.

sell 1 avax at 120 usdt octobot tradingview automation

Configure your automation order amounts according to:

  • A percent of your portfolio funds
  • A given amount of the traded coin
  • A specific amount of USDT or any quote currency of your traded pair

Learn more on TradingView OctoBots automations on the automations guide.

We will keep working on adding new types of automations to enable more options and increase possibilities. Please tell us if you need new types of automations, and we will our best to integrate it !

Configurable Crypto Baskets

Available soon

configured crypto basket

Configure the content of your crypto baskets directly from your OctoBot.

  • Add cryptocurrencies to your baskets.
  • Remove cryptocurrencies from your baskets.
  • Configure the ratio of each crypto within your baskets.

Priority support

If you have any questions regarding OctoBot, the investment strategies, TradingView strategies or anything else, it will be our priority to bring you assistance.