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Coinbase and Trading Bots

Coinbase and support on OctoBot cloud is our most requested feature by far and we are glad to announce that both exchanges are now integrated within OctoBot cloud!

You can now easily automate your crypto investments using OctoBot cloud both on Coinbase and with your exchange account or using risk-free paper trading.

Invest using Coin Baskets on Coinbase and

Coin Baskets enable you to easily invest in the whole crypto market or in specific themes you believe in.

octobot crypto basket featuring bitcoin ethereum solana and dogecoin

When using Coin Baskets, your OctoBot will split your portfolio holdings among the assets of the basket. Each basket is automatically updated according to CoinGecko rankings and categories and coin availability on each exchange.

Top Crypto Baskets

Top crypto baskets enable you to invest in the best cryptos of the market according to their marketcap on platforms sur as CoinGecko.

Investing in top crypto baskets is a great way to diversify and profit from the whole crpyto market. Following a top crypto basket will maintain your exchange portfolio balanced among coins of the basket therefore making sure that you profit from price increases of each of those coins.

Theme-oriented Crypto Baskets

Theme-oriented crypto baskets on the other hand enable you to invest in themes as defined in CoinGecko categories.

Crypto baskets that are oriented around a theme are useful to profit from global trends and invest topics you believe in such as Artificial Intelligence, NFTs, Real World assets, Meme coins and more.

Learn more about Crypto Baskets

At OctoBot, we believe that investing using crypto baskets is on of the best ways to invest in crypto as it enables to invest:

  • Into all the main crypto of the market or whole themes instead of cherry-picking coins
  • While reducing risk by diversifying over a multiple coins
  • Using a neutral basis: marketcap & category-based ranking

If you want to learn more, have a look a our detailed crypto baskets article and video

Profit from DCA, AI, Grid strategies on Coinbase and

With OctoBot cloud, you can also invest using pre-configured Dollar Cost Averaging, Artificial Intelligence and Grid strategies.

octobot collaborating with chatgpt light

Those strategies can be used for free on OctoBot cloud and are available alongside their historical performances

Smart Dollar Cost Averaging Strategies

Smart Dollar Cost Averaging strategies are a powerful way to profit from the rise of multiple coins leveraging multiple small buy and sell orders in order to minimize your buying price and maximize your selling price.

To learn more about smart DCA strategies, check out our Smart DCA with OctoBot article

Artificial Intelligence Strategies

You can also take Smart DCA strategies one step further and integrate AI in the decision making of your DCA strategies entries.

With OctoBot cloud, you can use Smart DCA strategies using ChatGPT models to analyse market trends and decide to buy when ChatGPT considers the timing right.

Here is our ChatGPT trading article covering AI strategies in details.

Automate your TradingView strategies on Coinbase and

Last but not least, OctoBot cloud enables you to easily automate your TradingView strategies directly on your and Coinbase accounts.

tradingview automation illustrated by tradingview logo

This way, you can automate trades based on:

  • Market price changes
  • Built-in or custom indicators
  • Pinescript strategies

Here is our guide showcasing TradingView OctoBots with videos and strategies examples to learn more.