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BingX Wheel of Fortune Event

bingx and octobot wheel of fortune event with 1000 usdt to earn

In december, we announced the official support of BingX in OctoBot, BingX is now also supported on OctoBot cloud strategies.

Today, we are glad to announce that starting from the 28th of February till the 18th of March, BingX will be hosting a special event for OctoBot users with up to 1000 USDT to win !

How the Wheel of Fortune works

After creating your BingX account (if you don’t have one already) and registering on the BingX Wheel of Fortune event, you will earn draws by simply trading on BingX using any of:

Note: paper trading bots using simulated money are not counted in generating draws, trades must happen on your BingX account.

Every OctoBot user can win

This is the great point of the event:

  • Everyone trading using Octobot on BingX will earn draws.
  • Each draw carries an equal chance to instantly win up to 1000 USDT.

It means that there is no need to be the trader with the largest trading volume or the best PNL to be eligible for rewards.

OctoBot is designed to help the most people automating their investment startegies and the same goes for the BingX Wheel of Fortune: it is also profiting everyone.

We can’t wait to know the rewards you will win on BingX with this event, join the OctoBot OctoBot Telegram group to tell us what you earned !

Earn more by spreading the word

Your might have friends who would like to easily follow pre-configured investment strategies, automate they trading using TradingView or create their own trading bot.

We believe this BingX event to be a great time to tell your friends about OctoBot as they might the among the lucky winners of the event ! And it won’t reduce your own chances to win either.

Also, did you know that OctoBot has a referral program ? When your friends sign up using your OctoBot referral link:

  • They get a $5 discount on the subscription of their choice.
  • You receive 25% of their subscription fees as well as a part of the trading fees OctoBot cloud receives from partner exchanges on their real trading OctoBot.

Get your referral link on your referral dashboard.