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Shape the future of our roadmap


Your ideas first

Quick context

Simplicity and transparency are among the most important values to us as we explaned on our previous article regarding the new OctoBot cloud.

With OctoBot cloud, we are comitted in creating the best strategy automation system possible. Of course, “best” always depends on what is used as comparison criteria.
For us it means that you, our users, can:

  1. Clearly identify the investment strategies you want to use
  2. Easily start the trading strategies you choose
  3. Quickly access and understand all the data to follow your investment
  4. Adjust things whenever you want to, in a very simple way

This represents many challenges as each of those 4 steps can become very complex and end up being unsable. We want to avoid that at all cost.

That is why are building tools to make it easy for you to share your ideas on how to improve each of those steps, according to your own experience.

The current system

Up until the day of writing this article, the open source OctoBot grew based on user feedbacks according to a mix of ideas pushed by the user community on:

What we want to achieve

Our goal is, and has always been, to shape the whole OctoBot ecosystem according to its whole community best ideas and needs.

As the community is growing and we are now releasing new features at a much faster pace, we will give a greater weight to our public feedback and roadmap system and split it into two part:



How does it work ?

On you will find our public roadmap showing:

  • What we are currently working on
  • What we are planning to do next
  • Ideas on the following things to work on based on your and our inputs


What you can do to improve OctoBot:

What happens next ?

  • We update this roadmap on a regular basis to reflect our current work
  • You get notified when things change to an idea you submitted or are following
  • Both the open source OctoBot and OctoBot cloud become better and better thanks you and we are really greateful for this. Thank you