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OctoBot cloud trading bots plan early access

octobot cloud trading bots plan early access announcement

OctoBot cloud trading bots

With OctoBot cloud trading bots, you get access to the full power of OctoBot.

  • Your OctoBot will always be live and up to date: the OctoBot team takes care of all the technicals
  • Enjoy Pro-exclusive extensions such as the Strategy Designer to create and optimize your best trading strategies
  • You get personalized support to be sure that you have everything you need to start your OctoBot properly according to the strategy you want
  • Easily use and customize OctoBot cloud strategies
  • Simply and securely automate your TradingView strategies trades without the need for custom configuration
  • Enjoy the full potential of ChatGPT based strategies without having to pay for an OpenAI subscription

Your improved OctoBot

OctoBot cloud trading bots give you access to an improved version of the open source OctoBot. But unlike the open source version where you have to make sure that your OctoBot remains online, pay for server costs and manually handle updates, when using a cloud OctoBot trading bot, you OctoBot is always online and operates in the best conditions.

This means that using the cloud OctoBots, you can:

Let’s explore the exclusive benefits of using the cloud OctoBot trading bots.

The Strategy Designer

Cloud OctoBot trading bots have acccess to the exclusive Strategy Designer, which is the most advanced trading strategy design tool we created.

Strategy Designer preview with bitcoin, ethereum and polygon historical charts

Using the Strategy Designer, you can easily customize, test and compare the performances of every strategy.

Get in-depth insights on your trading strategy historical Profit and Loss and portfolio, explore each trade, compare results across runs and much more.

Learn more about the Strategy Designer on our dedicated guide.

Get started with a personalised session with the OctoBot team

We know that starting a trading strategy can be complicated. That’s why the OctoBot team offers to spend up to 30-minutes with you on a personalized one to one session to get your OctoBot up and running according to your ideas.

This way you are sure to be able to use your OctoBot at its full potential.

Access & customize OctoBot cloud strategies

One of the great benefits of using the cloud OctoBot trading bots is to be able to configure OctoBot cloud strategies.

cloud strategies

This means that you can:

  • Use them on your OctoBot, on the exchange you want
  • Understand how they work and make changes to their configuration
  • Use Backtesting and the Strategy Designer to get the best results on the trading pairs of your choice

Easy TradingView automation

Using the open source version of OctoBot, you can already automate TradingView signals. However this requires a special configuration and usually requires a paid ngrok subscription.

When using a cloud OctoBot trading bot, everything is already configured and there is no need for any external account such as ngrok to receive your TradingView signals.

ChatGPT evaluations

Accessing ChatGPT automatically is a paid service by OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT. This means that when using the open source version of OctoBot, to use any ChatGPT strategy, you need a configured OpenAI account and you’ll be charged for each use.

With a cloud OctoBot trading bot in standard or ultra plans, the OctoBot team is covering those costs. Therefore there is no need for an OpenAI account, everything is already ready to use.

Register for early access

We are now opening registrations for cloud OctoBot trading bots early acccess. If you are interested in benefiting from the many advantages of cloud OctoBot trading bots, start your OctoBot on OctoBot cloud trading bots.