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Trading with ChatGPT signals

We’re excited to introduce our latest tool, designed to provides straightforward BUY or SELL signals for various cryptocurrencies based on AI predictions.

The power of ChatGPT

What’s ChatGPT

Our new tool harnesses the power of ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence model developed by OpenAI. ChatGPT has been trained on diverse internet text, and it uses this knowledge to generate text that is relevant to the input it receives. In the context of our tool, it uses its knowledge of market price history, specifically candlestick price patterns, to make predictions about cryptocurrency trends.

chatgpt-logo ChatGPT logo

Why ChatGPT

Candlestick patterns, which display the high, low, opening and closing prices for a specific period, are a fundamental part of technical analysis in trading. ChatGPT uses its extensive knowledge base to identify these patterns in the historical price data of various cryptocurrencies.

By recognizing these patterns, it can then predict potential future trends by comparing current market data with similar historical situations. This analysis forms the basis of the BUY or SELL signals that our tool generates.

How it works

We feed ChatGPT the current prices of different cryptocurrencies and ask it to determine the likelihood of these prices going up or down. Currently, our tool uses only candlestick prices for its predictions. However, in the future, we plan to include technical analysis indicators for a more detailed and accurate prediction, giving you a more complete perspective on potential market movements.


Here is how it works:

  1. We ask ChatGPT to predict the potential price direction (either up or down) based on the most recent cryptocurrency price data, as illustrated in the following screenshot.
  2. Then, we use ChatGPT’s response to create a trading signal, which depends on the predicted price direction and how confident ChatGPT is in that prediction.

More details on how to trade with ChatGPT on OctoBot on the ChatGPT trading guide.

The new dashboard

We’ve created this free ChatGPT crypto dashboard featuring the most recent cryptocurrency trading signals derived from ChatGPT.

shib-prediction Screenshot of the ChatGPT trading signals showcase page

This feature can be used by anyone who wants to keep track of what ChatGPT thinks is going to happen with different cryptocurrencies. It’s like having a quick, up-to-date overview of the AI’s predictions, which can aid in making investment decisions.

Receiving notifications

We’ve taken it a step further by introducing dedicated Twitter and Telegram accounts that post a signal each time a new prediction with high confidence is made by ChatGPT. By following these accounts, you can stay updated with the most interesting cryptocurrency trading signals predicted by ChatGPT. This way, you’ll never miss an opportunity.

Twitter / X account

Follow the OctoBotGPT X account to be notified for each new ChatGPT prediction via X / Twitter.

sol Solana Twitter notification ChatGPT predicts SOL going up with 90% change OctoBotGPT SOL/USDT prediction tweet

Telegram account

Join the the OctoBotGPT Telegram to be notified for each new ChatGPT prediction via Telegram.

sol Solana Telegram notification ChatGPT predicts SOL going up with 90% change OctoBotGPT SOL/USDT Telegram prediction

ChatGPT predictions performances

Here is an example of a recent tweet published by OctoBotGPT twitter account:

shib Shiba Inu Twitter notification ChatGPT predicts SHIB going up with 90% change OctoBotGPT SHIB/USDT prediction tweet at 9 PM

shib Shiba Inu SHIB/USDT price going up after ChatGPT prediction on twitter SHIB/USDT price on Binance at 9 PM

As an illustration, this tweet was published at 9pm, predicting a high probability of the price of SHIB increasing. This turned out to be a great prediction, as just a few minutes after the tweet was posted, the price of SHIB indeed started to rise.

ChatGPT trading strategies

To automate trading according to ChatGPT signals, we created strategies to automatically trade upon a new ChatGPT signal.

We are showcasing those strategies in this video.

You will also find more information on ChatGPT-based trading strategies on our dedicated article: Trading using ChatGPT.

Got a question or request regarding GPT trading signals? Don’t hesitate! Reach out to the OctoBot community on Discord and Telegram.