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What are OctoBot rewards and how to get them?

OctoBot rewards get rewarded for using OctoBot and use advanced strategies

We are thrilled to announce the release of the OctoBot reward system. Rewards offer an alternative for free Investor accounts to profit from paid investment strategies as well as other benefits without having to spend a dollar.

Unlock OctoBot paid strategies for free

When creating an OctoBot account, you can choose to use the free Investor plan or one of the following paid plans:

  • The Investor Plus plan, among other benefits, instantly unlocks every OctoBot AI, DCA, crypto baskets and grid strategies
  • The Pro plan unlocks everything from the Investor Plus plan while also adding TradingView OctoBots, priority support and more

Rewards are the alternative way to unlock the AI, DCA, crypto baskets and grid strategies that are normally only available starting from the Investor Plus plan.

OctoBot rewards dashboard showing crypto apprentice rewards

While paid plans grant you instant access to every strategy, it is now also possible to gradually unlock access to those strategies by being a valuable OctoBot user.

When visiting your rewards dashboard, you will see your current reward level. Each reward level permanently improves your free OctoBot account.

Rewards are notably useful to unlock access to:

OctoBot rewards dashboard showing grandmaster of crypto rewards

Grandmaster of Crypto is the maximum reward level. It takes time to acquire, but when reached, it permanently unlocks all the Investor Plus features.

How to earn rewards

Rewards are earned by completing missions from the “Missions” section of your rewards dashboard.

OctoBot rewards list with completed and uncompleted missions

There are many kinds of missions such as starting multiple OctoBots, completing crypto courses or just having a running OctoBot.

The main aspects to keep in mind to quickly earn rewards are:

  • Making sure to configure your OctoBot account and installing the app to get all the welcome rewards
  • Having at least one OctoBot investing on your exchange account to get your daily rewards
  • Talking to your friends about your experience with OctoBot and helping them setup their account: you get rewarded when your referees start their OctoBot and when they purchase a yearly plan

Pro tip: Referring 2 friends purchasing the annual Investor Plus subscription will instantly update your account to the highest reward level.

The reason behind the OctoBot rewards system

We realize that many crypto investors are investing with a portfolio containing less than few hundred dollars. In this context, paying for a monthly subscription can be really painful.

Our goal at OctoBot cloud is to make crypto investment more accessible, and we also want to improve investments for smaller portfolios, and for those who simply don’t want to pay.

This is why we designed this rewards system. If you or a friend of yours wish to automate their investments with OctoBot cloud, there are many options to do so:

  • Using the Investor Plus or Pro plan to instantly unlock all the strategies
  • Using strategies that are available free
  • Being a valuable OctoBot user and gain access to the Investor Plus strategies and features as a gift from OctoBot cloud