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Trading virtuel avec OctoBot

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Introduction au trading virtuel

Paper trading is service allowing to test trading strategies in live conditions using a virtual portfolio.

By using paper trading, you can easily:

  • Test the trading strategies you are interested in before using your real funds
  • Experiment all the trading strategies you are curious to know more about

La position d’OctoBot’s sur le trading virtuel

At OctoBot, transparency is one of our core values. It is the reason why OctoBot is open source and why each strategy comes with its historical results.

In order to bring this one step further, we decided to make paper trading of trading strategies free and unlimited.

trading account type choice real or paper trading

While most trading robot services choose to charge for paper trading or limit its duration, we decided to stay true to our ethos and include paper trading to our free services for all users.

This means that when using OctoBot cloud, you can:

  1. Explore: Test the trading strategy (or strategies !) you are interested in using paper trading
  2. Invest: Once you find a trading strategy you like, start an OctoBot with your real funds
  3. Optimize: Keep experimenting other trading strategies risk free with your paper trading OctoBot

Comment lancer son bot de trading virtuel avec OctoBot ?

As paper trading is using virtual funds, OctoBot cloud doesn’t need your exchange credentials to run a paper trading OctoBot. This means that you can very quickly experiment with any strategy on OctoBot cloud in just 3 steps:

  1. Create your OctoBot account
  2. Select the strategies your want to use
  3. Choose paper trading and the simulated portfolio you want to trade with paper trading virtual portfolio configuration
  4. Follow your new OctoBot either from OctoBot cloud or the OctoBot app