Partner exchanges
Account Setup

Binance account setup

Create an account

Generate API key

Generate Your Keys

  • Sign into your Binance account
  • Click on your profile in the top right corner
  • Click on API Management


Configure the API Settings

  • Give a label to your API Key.


  • Binance will ask a security confirmation to continue.
  • OctoBot needs the Enable Reading permission to be able to pull in balances from Binance and Enable Spot & Margin Trading permission to create new orders. Click on Edit restrictions to enable Enable Spot & Margin Trading.



  • Click on Save save the permission update.


Add the API key to OctoBot

Add Binance exchange

  • Start your OctoBot
  • Click on Accounts tab
  • Click on Exchanges on the left menu
  • Click on the selector and search Binance
  • Click on ADD

Add Binance API keys

  • Copy and paste API Key from Binance to your OctoBot API Key field
  • Copy and paste Secret Key from Binance to your OctoBot API Secret field
  • Leave the API Password as is


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