TradingView connection

With OctoBot, you can listen to TradingView (opens in a new tab) signals and automate trades.

OctoBot configuration

Simply add the Trading-view service into your OctoBot's configuration and setup your webhook service.

TradingView account

Your account is now ready to be used with OctoBot !

Creating an alert

There are different ways to send alerts to your OctoBot from TradingView

Indicator based alerts

You can make your OctoBot trade based on TradingView indicators or price events. Follow the indicator alert guide to learn more.

Strategy based alerts

You can also make your OctoBot trade based on TradingView Pine Script strategies. Follow the strategy alert guide to synchronize your OctoBot with your TradingView strategies.

Alert format

You can send commands to your OctoBot using TradingView alerts including creating market or limit orders, take profits, canceling orders and much more. Checkout the alert format guide to learn more.

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