ChatGPT interface

OctoBot uses the ChatGPT interface to interact with ChatGPT.

Ths interface is pre-configured on Cloud OctoBots and has to be configured in self hosted OctoBot

ChatGPT service configuration

No configuration is needed for Pro Cloud OctoBots.

To use ChatGPT, the only configuration you need is to enter your OpenAI API key into the GPT Interface

  1. Create or login to your openai (opens in a new tab) account
  2. Create a new API key on (opens in a new tab)
  3. Copy your API key into the GPT configuration in the Accounts tab of the web interface

gpt config


When using Pro Cloud OctoBots, we are covering the GPT calls cost.

Using ChatGPT from automated API calls is a paid service from OpenAI. Each call to ChatGPT will consume a few OpenAI tokens.

Each call to ChatGPT is recrating a request which usually consumes around 90 OpenAI tokens. You can get the current price of OpenAI token from the OpenAI pricing page (opens in a new tab).

You can estimate the cost of using ChatGPT related features by estimating the amount of requests per day.

Running a strategy on 4h for 2 trading pairs on 1 exchange: the GPT evaluator will be called every 4 hours for each trading pair for each exchange.

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