Using strategies
Find your strategy

Find the best strategy for you

Many strategies are available on (opens in a new tab). Some of them are created by the OctoBot team, others are made by the community.

The goal of OctoBot cloud is to help you find the perfect strategy for you according to your own goal.

cloud strategies

Finding your ideal strategy can be hard. That's why the try to make it as simple as possible to:

  • Compare strategies
  • Understand the idea of each strategy
  • Access past performances of each strategy in a transparent manner

Strategies details

cloud strategy

Each strategy has a historical profit chart. This chart is generated by running the strategy with historical data on the displayed time period.

Note: Profit charts are generated using OctoBot backtesting

For maximum transparency, each strategy performance is re-evaluated every week. This ensures that displayed performance are always up to date with the current market.

Using the strategy you found

Once you found the startegy you would like to use, you have 2 possibilities:

trading account type choice real or paper trading

  • Test it with paper trading: start an OctoBot with simulated funds and test the strategy as much as you want. Paper trading is risk free.
  • Use it with real funds: start an OctoBot on your real exchange account and start profiting from the strategy.

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