Getting started

OctoBot cloud

For users of the investor and trader plans of OctoBot cloud.

Choose a strategy, not a robot

OctoBot cloud enables you to use the best investment startegies for free.

  • You can use trading strategies for free, in a unlimited way (this is not a free trial)
  • You funds stay on your exchange account: OctoBot sends buy & sell orders to run your strategy

Ideally, when you want to use a strategy, you want to:

  1. Explore and compare strategies
  2. Understand potential profits and risks of the strategy of your choice
  3. Apply this strategy on your exchange account

It shouldn't be more complicated than this. Making these steps as easy as possible is our goal with Octobot cloud and its Investor and Trader plans.

That's why when using those plans you don't need to care about your OctoBot, we are doing it for you.

With OctoBot cloud, you can focus on what matters

1. Select the strategy of your choice


OctoBot cloud provides a wide range of trading strategies that you can:

2. Follow your gains


Once you started your OctoBot: real or paper trader, follow it directly from OctoBot cloud or the mobile app.

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