Setup your OctoBot

Getting started with OctoBot

For users of the open source OctoBot (opens in a new tab) and the pro plan of OctoBot cloud.

Setting up your OctoBot

There are many ways to setup your OctoBot. You can:

  • Use OctoBot cloud to easily apply the best investment strategies using OctoBot for free
  • Use OctoBot cloud to enjoy an improved version of the open source OctoBot that OctoBot cloud will maintain for you
  • Locally install your own OctoBot via the executable, docker or the python code directly.

Configuration and trading modes

OctoBot has many ways to trade: the trading modes. Each trading mode is unique and consists in a different trading technique. Trading modes can:

  • Trade on spot or futures markets.
  • Use statistics and technical analysis to find the best trade entries and exits.
  • Use market-making algorithms to minimize risks and grant regular small gains.
  • Trade upon signals from platforms such as (opens in a new tab).
  • Apply the best strategies from OctoBot Cloud comming soon.

Do something entirely different based on your ideas:

  • Customize your OctoBot to make it trade according to your ideas
  • Or code and test your ideas directly using OctoBot script.

Chat directly with OctoBot

You can remotly command your OctoBot by connecting it to Telegram (opens in a new tab). You can verify what is your robot doing, watch its portfolio, its profits, trigger an emergency exit ... Access your OctoBot from wherever you want, whenever you want thanks to its Telegram interface.

See the Telegram interface configuration for more details on the OctoBot Telegram interface.

Optimize your OctoBot using backtesting

Using OctoBot's backtesting, test your current trading strategy using historical data from the markets you want to trade. Most OctoBot configurations are testable in backtesting. Fine tune your bot's configuration up to the very last detail and maximise your profits.

backtesting (opens in a new tab)

Take it one step further using OctoBot script

Turn your trading ideas into tested and optimized strategy using OctoBot script. Directly code your strategy in python while benefiting of all the OctoBot tools and an extremely flexible reporting and visualization system. Analyse exactly what is happening when running your ideas on past data and create your best strategies.

octobot_pro_report (opens in a new tab)

Supported exchanges

Find the list of supported and partner exchanges on the exchange summary.

Developer guides

Find the developpper guides on the developers section.

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