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Trading bot
With OctoBot cloud

With OctoBot cloud

OctoBot cloud trading robots make it very easy start and automation your own trading strategies.

OctoBot cloud enables you to:

Getting started

Go to cloud OctoBot trading bots and choose the plan you want.

Find out more on the OctoBot plans on directly on OctoBot cloud trading bots pricing. You can also find the story behind those plans on our dedicated article.

Tip: you can have as many OctoBots running on OctoBot cloud as you want.


Once your OctoBot is running on OctoBot cloud, you can easily follow it from your OctoBot cloud account.

Each of your running OctoBot will be summarized on your account. It will be running and available from anywhere for as long as you want to.


This view will also enable you to follow your self-hosted open source OctoBot if you connect it to your OctoBot cloud account.