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Invest in themes you like

Theme-based crypto baskets make investing easier. They help lower risk and diversify your investments.



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Invest in Bitcoin & Ethereum

Discover the investment strategies

Explore a variety of investment strategies. View performance history, understand how they work and start investing with ease.

Crypto Momentum

Crypto Momentum

Grid strategy


Last week

ChatGPT Bitcoin Investor

ChatGPT Bitcoin Investor

DCA strategy


Last 6 months

Moonshot Madness

Moonshot Madness

DCA strategy


Last month


Test the strategies performances

Initial amount $1000
Over 6 months
Final amount $1123


Computed using historical performances of Moonshot Madness over the past 6 months. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

On your exchange

OctoBot partners up with leading exchanges to make crypto investment and trading strategies as accessible as possible.

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How to start your OctoBot?

Our goal is to make crypto investment easy to access, we do our best to keep it as simple as possible

1. Pick your strategy

2. Select your exchange

3. Follow your gains

Automate your strategies directly from TradingView

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1. Define your strategy on TradingView


👉 Buying SOL when the price rises by more than 5%.

2. Connect OctoBot

3. Enter the amount to trade


What will happen

🎉 OctoBot will buy SOL with 25% of your USDT holdings when the SOL price increases by at least 5% within 4 hours as price is likely to keep rising.

Try with virtual money

Try any crypto baskets or investment strategies with virtual money first

Example with $2000 after one month



If the strategy made+15%😅 You could have earned+$300
If the strategy made-5%👍 You did not loose-$100
OctoBot with 3 happy relaxed investors giving high five feeling safe and comfortable

Our values

Community and transparency are key

We make the best investment strategies accessible to everyone
We chose to make all strategies free, so that their costs is not even a thing

The OctoBot community is on Telegram and Discord

OctoBot is open source: everyone can see how it works

Trusted by more than 35000 users worldwide



10 million +


A word from the community


"I've been using [OctoBot with] these setting for a while now, tweaking them, the past year I'm at an overall profit of about 1000% (3K -> 30K), insane, 2021 was a great year!”

OctoBot user

Community member since 2022

An incredible journey

"I have been using Octobot for a couple of years now and it has been an incredible journey! Octobot is an open-source gem that has truly revolutionized my trading. The fact that it is built on open-source principles is really standing out as it means that the possibilities are endless.

I have had the pleasure of customizing Octobot to suit my specific needs, The OctoBot community is vibrant and supportive, connecting like-minded individuals with a passion for the project.”

Tim Hermans

Community member since 2021

Exceptional open-source crypto trading bot

"Octobot is an exceptional open-source crypto trading bot that excels in its performance. It seamlessly integrates with exchanges through our own open-source white-label exchange system HollaEx®, offering strategies for market markets, OTC dealers, liquidity providers, price discovery and of course profit!

Octobot is a valuable asset to the crypto ecosystem, and we are delighted to be partners.”


Adrian Pollard

Co-funder of


Very reactive

"I wanted something and devs bring it within few weeks (staggered). I like devs, which are active and working for cumunity ideas.”

OctoBot user

Senior community member

Choose a plan that fits your needs

OctoBot Cloud offers subscription plans for every type of investor. Each plan includes different features to improve and simplify your crypto investment experience.

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Supercharge your crypto investments


  • Many strategies
  • Crypto baskets, IA and DCA bots
  • Test with virtual money
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Investor Plus

Invest using the best strategies


  • Every strategies
  • Crypto baskets, IA, DCA and grid bots
  • Up to 10 OctoBots
7 days free trial
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Pilot your investment


  • Optimize your OctoBot
  • TradingView automation
  • Priority support

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